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Ann Bancroft

Modern explorers did not have much exploits left to conquer, but that did not stop American adventurer and author Ann Bancroft when she successfully became first woman to reach both North and Sout pole on foot and sleds. Learn more about her life here.

Daniel Boone

History of the colonization of American continent cannot be said in full without mentioning the life and exploit of the adventurer, explorer and United States folk hero Daniel Boone who was instrumental in colonization of the territory of Kentucky.

Donald Baxter MacMillan

Over the course of the life of American explorer, researcher and sailor Donald Baxter MacMillan, he managed to be a part of over 30 missions to the frozen Arctic and surrounding North Sea.

Frederick Cook

Arctic explorer Frederick Cook was one of the two people who claimed they were the first who reached the territory of north Pole in 1907. Even though scientific community awarded that discovery to Robert Peary, Frederick Cook remains remembered today for his exploits in the frozen north and legal battle that ensued after his return home.

Richard Byrd

During the very end of the era that is today remembered as Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration, one naval officer and explorer managed to easily distinguish himself. Here you can learn more about the life and exploits of Richard Byrd.

Richard Mohun

Richard Mohun made his fame and fortune spending the large portion of his life in Africa where he served as the US diplomat, commercial agent, consul, soldier and explorer that surveyed territory of Eastern Africa.

Robert Peary

The age of Polar Exploration gave us many explorers who achieved incredible deeds, but one of the most famous one is without any doubt American explorer Robert Peary who managed to become first man who reached North Pole. Learn more about his life and discoveries here.