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Jacques Cartier

French explorer Jacques Cartier remains remembered today as the first person who claimed the territory of Canada for the French King Francis I. Here you can learn more about his life and his exploits on the North America.

Jacques Marquette

Among many explorers of the North American Continent, French Jesuit missionary Jacques Marquette managed to distinguish himself for the exploration of the northern parts of Mississippi River and discovering of the location where city of Chicago is today located.

John Franklin

More than 100 years before first explorer set his foot on the North Pole, the early exploration of the North and South Pole started to be realized with the efforts of the many influential explorers. One of the most famous one of them was John Franklin.

Samuel de Champlain

Early exploration of the North American continent cannot be said without mentioning the exploits of the famous French Explorer Samuel de Champlain who was responsible for naming the country of Canada and igniting colonization of its territory.