Explorers by Time Period of Exploration

Mankind always had a fascination about pushing the limits of exploration, finding what is hidden beyond the next frontier. While some of the most famous exploratory efforts were made by talented and brave individuals who embarked on their journeys alone, most of the planet Earth got mapped out after numerous governments placed high bounties on discovering an easier way to trade with distant lands or exploring new lands for expansion of their influence.

Here you can find out more about which areas of Earth captured the curiosities of many explorers. While some focused their efforts of discovering the naval route to India, many other explorers spent their life in the exploration of America, Polar Regions, and Space.

Picture Of Age Of Discovery Map Of America

Age of Discovery

During the end of 15th century, European sea explorers became fascinated with trying to find the way to reach the wealthy trading cities of India. That quest led them into one of the most interesting times in the human history - Age of Discovery.

Picture Of Erik The Red

Ancient Explorers

History of the world is filled with great explorers and the tales of their journeys across the entire world. Much earlier from the famous Age of Discovery, these explorers defied the odds and secured their names into annals of history.

Picture Of Eudoxus Of Cyzicus Silk Road

Eudoxus of Cyzicus

Eudoxus of Cyzicus is 2nd century BC Greek sea navigator that was part of several exploratory missions in Indian Sea and coast of Africa. Read more about his exploits here.

Picture Of The Fra Mauro Map 1459

Exploration of Asia

Exploration of Asia, the largest continent in the world, covered more than last 2 millennia of our modern history. From early explorers who craved to establish reliable trade between Europe, India and China, to the sea exploration that started with the famous journey of Vasco de Gama to India, Asia represented one of the biggest challenges modern explorers ever met.

Picture Of Ptolemy World Map 1467
Picture Of World Map Typvs Orbis Terrarvm 1570
Picture Of The Fra Mauro Map 1459