Famous American Explorers List

American explorers had a big part in some of the greatest discoveries on Earth. From the exploration of the North American “wild west”, to the extraordinary first step of men on the moon, explorers from America will forever remain remembered in the history of humankind.

Ann Bancroft

History of polar explorers could not be complete without Ann Bancroft, woman who managed to conquer both poles and reach trek over the harshest conditions on earth alone, without using any modern transport devices. She did it by herself, and for that, she will always be remembered.

Picture Of Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone

As one of the greatest folk heroes of North America, Daniel Boone left his mark in history as frontiersman, fighter and explorer who was singlehandedly responsible for American colonization of Kentucky. Find out more about his eventful life here.

Picture Of Donald Baxter Mac Millan

Donald Baxter MacMillan

Donald Baxter MacMillan was a famous American polar explorer who spent his entire career sailing the North Sea, being involved in more than 30 exploratory missions. Find out more about his career here.

Picture Of Frederick Cook

Frederick Cook

This famous American explorer is today remembered as the first man who claimed the discovery of North Pole. His discovery was later awarded to another American explorer Robert Peary who reached North Pole in 1907.

Picture Of Richard Byrd

Richard Byrd

After the end of the decade when land parties conquered North and South Pole, new breed of explorers came into the eye of the public. Richard Byrd, Admiral of United States army and worldwide known adventurer represents the perfect example of such explorer. Read more about his great exploits here.

Picture Of Richard Mohun

Richard Mohun

Richard Mohun made his fame and fortune spending the large portion of his life in Africa where he served as the US diplomat, commercial agent, consul, soldier and explorer that surveyed territory of Eastern Africa.

Picture Of Robert Peary

Robert Peary

In the early 20th century, during the height of the so-called “Age of Polar Discovery”, this American explorer successfully reached the North Pole on April 7 1909. After short dispute with fellow explorer Frederick Cook, this discovery was later confirmed to be his.

Famous Canadian Explorers

Canadian explorers had a significant part in the discoveries that were made in the North America, especially efforts of Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain and David Thompson. Their lifelong quest of exploration expanded our knowledge of these vast lands, and the water routes between it and the North Pole.

Picture Of Louis Jolliet Signature

Louis Joliet

The mighty river of Mississippi was first charted by young Canadian explorer named Louis Joliet. Here you can witness the story of his travels, and the way he made one of the first notable discoveries that were made by European who was born on the North American soil.

Picture Of Robert Bartlett

Robert Bartlett

Robert Bartlett was a famous polar explorer that distinguished himself by leading more than 40 missions to the frozen north. His skills and experience as captain helped him to achieve status of one of the most respected and well known captains on the North Sea. Find out more about him right here.

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