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Robert Peary was an American explorer who is today best known for his claim to be the first man who reached the North Pole in 1909. Although Frederick Cook reached Pole in 1908 lack of evidence made the international press and scientist to support Robert Pear’s claim of success.

Robert Edwin Peary was born on May 6 1850 in Cresson, Pennsylvania, USA. Between 1886 and 1891, he made first attempts of Arctic survival with two attempts to cross the frozen Greenland with dog sleds. During his time there, Peary studied the life of native Inuits and adopting their ways of life (hunting techniques, clothing and travel tactics). Even his wife Josephine joined him on several expeditions.

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During early 1900s he had two journeys watch brought him some fame. First he explored northern regions of Greenland for witch he received medals from American Geographical Society and Royal Geographical Society of London. In 1905, Peary embarked on a sea mission traveling with his ship Roosevelt trough the icy sea between Greenland and Ellesmere Island reaching the sailed farthest north than any ship before him.

Peary’s most successful mission started on the July 6 1908 when he embarked from New York with the crew of 23 people. They reached Arctic on March 1 1909 and majority of his crew remained at camp. Robert Peary and six more people continued toward the North and on April 7 1909, he reached the Geographic North Pole. Sadly, when he returned to civilization he found out that Frederick Cook reached the pole a year earlier. However, he did not give up, and soon after American congress accepted him as the original “attainer” of pole. He was awarded with the position and pension of Rear Admiral, and he died ten year later in 1920.

To this day, there are several claims that he indeed did not reach North Pole. Some proof for that though lies in his navigation omissions and errors and as well as inconsistent reports of travel speeds.

Picture Of Robert Peary
Picture Of Robert Peary Explorer
Picture Of Robert Peary Explorer
NameRobert Peary
BornMay 6, 1856
Place of BirthCresson, Pennsylvania
DiedFebruary 20, 1920
Place of DeathWashington, D.C.
Known ForExplorer who claimed to have reached the geographic North Pole
Spouse(s)Josephine Diebitsch Peary, Aleqasina
ChildrenMarie Ahnighito Peary, Robert Edwin Peary, Jr., Kali Peary (by Aleqasina)
AwardsCullum Geographical Medal (1896), Charles P. Daly Medal (1902), Hubbard Medal (1906)
Rank (Title)Rear Admiral
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