Sebastian de Ocampo Biography

Sebastián de Ocampo was a Spanish explorer and navigator that is best known for this discoveries during the 16th century in the time best known as the Age of Discovery.

Under the order of the governor of Hispaniola, in 1508 Ocampo embarked on the journey that will make him famous. Before his journey everyone assumed that the land that laid west of the island of Hispaniola called Cuba was a part of Indian continent, and several maps portrayed this land with much larger landmass (even the maps created by Christopher Columbus, and others after him]. Ocampo proved them wrong when he managed to circumnavigate it and thus he confirmed that Cuba is indeed an island.

He is also the first European that have entered the waters if Gulf of Mexico.

Picture Of Sebastian De Ocampo The First European Discovery Of The Gulf Of Mexico

Exact date of his birth and death is not known although it is suspected that he died of old age.

Name: Sebastián de Ocampo
Category (Occupation/Profession): Navigator, explorer
Nationality: Spanish
Religion: Catholic
Known For: First navigator to have circumnavigated the island of Cuba
Famous Expedition(s): Sailed along the northern coast of the island through the Old Bahama Channel and around the western point, Cape San Antonio