Diogo Cão - Portuguese Explorer

Diogo Cão was a Portuguese navigator and explorer best known for his exploits during the 15th century in a time known as Age of Discovery. He mapped the coast of the east Africa in his two voyages and founded several settlements in today's Angola.

He was born around 1450 in Vila Real, Portugal as a illegitimate son of a Royal house nobleman (Cão Alvaro Fernandes or Gonçalves Cão).

His first voyage started in 1482 just after the Portugal King John II established exploratory fleet with the purpose to navigate waters of lands between Europe and India and off course to Americas.

Diogo Cão explored the African coast beyond the equator discovering the mouth of river Congo and Angola (Portuguese West Africa).

Picture Of Diogo Cao

His second journeys happened from 1484 to 1486 where Cão again visited African coast around equator up to Cape Cross in Namibia.

He also sailed up the river of Congo.

Exact fate of Diogo Cão is not known. According to one source he died on River Congo, but there is speculation that he died during the journey back to Portugal.

Picture Of Diogo Cao
Picture Of Diogo Cao Explorer
Picture Of Diogo Cao
Picture Of Diogo Cao Explorer
NameDiogo Cão
Known As (Other Names)Diogo Cam, Diego Cam
Place of BirthReal, Kingdom of Portugal
Category (Occupation/Profession)Navigator and explorer
Known ForFirst European to explore the Congo River and the west coast of Africa
ChildrenPedro Cão, Manuel Cão, André Afonso Cão, Isabel Cão
Parent(s)Álvaro Fernandes
Picture Of Diogo Cao Coat Of Arms